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Hantz Bank cashier’s checks are being fraudulently created and used in a scam. The scam involves a consumer being hired as a “secret shopper” for Walmart through a fake Walmart website at http://postedjobs.org . Walmart does not use a secret shopper program (see information on scams on Walmart.com) and has no relationship with Hantz Bank. If you are presented a cashier’s check purported to be from Hantz Bank, please contact us at 248-304-3500 and we will be able to verify the validity of the check.

Mobile Deposit Capture Required Indorsement

Effective July 1, 2018 any items to be deposited through the mobile capture system must have the following indorsement on the back of the check in addition to the required signature(s):

“For mobile deposit to Hantz Bank”

Users of the system that do not include the indorsement on their items will receive an email informing them of the missing information and asking them to correct and then resubmit the item.

Security Update

Important Notice Regarding Online Security and Access - May 15, 2018

The Federal Trade Commission puts out information for both consumers and businesses related to privacy, Identity theft, online security and recent scams in addition to other useful information. You can see the latest data by clicking on the links below: