Our Mission

We live by a very simple Mission which is Personal Growth. Living our mission is critical to success for our customers, employees, shareholders and partners. Our goal for this section of ours is to answer the question of how Personal Growth can be a bank’s mission? The explanation is not as simple as the mission but hopefully worth your consideration.

The best place to start is with our business which is to help people and businesses who want to pro-actively use advice to improve their families’ current and future financial health. Our approach, in conjunction with our affiliates at the Hantz Group, is to provide a holistic approach to your family’s financial life to save you time and make management of that part of your life more convenient.

We call this approach a “family office” which is a term the super wealthy use for the team of advisors they employ to manage their personal financial affairs. We don’t believe you have to be Warren Buffet to have access to a team of expert advisors to help you manage your financial life. In fact, we serve people in all walks of life and income levels today with a family office model. Our family office service ties to Personal Growth because our clients have to commit to being part of the “journey” with us to reach the goal of improving their family’s financial future. Commitment can be things like rethinking what how they spend their money today.

Most people new to the family office concept assume it is used by wealthy families to get very complicated, secret advice to have better investment returns than we can access. There is some truth to that though however the real “secret” of why rich people employ a family office is because it is ultra-convenient and saves them time. You can imagine how much time is saved by having a team of advisors on call in one place to plan your retirement, insure your most important assets, protect your assets for your children, advise on your spending, help your grown children with their finances and plan for your taxes (before the filing deadline).

Our vision is we can help you can have access to all of the aforementioned experts in one place at one time to hopefully not only improve results but live like rock stars in at least in one aspect – have more time. Everyone likes money but we believe the most precious resource for most people is time regardless if they want to spend it on a super yacht drinking champagne or playing in the backyard sprinkler with their kids.

Please contact Lance Krajacic, President, at (248) 304-3500 if we can provide any other information about Hantz Bank’s Mission.