Online Bill Payment

Frequently Asked Questions

When will Bill Payment Change?
Hantz Bank will be converting to a new Bill Pay service on Tuesday, October 23rd

Why is the bank changing its Bill Pay service?
CheckFree is an industry leader in bill pay providers and is offered by some of the biggest banks in the country. As a Fiserv company, we can count on integration with our current online banking system, its stability and the resources of one of the largest financial software companies in the world. CheckFree will also help support our future Mobile Banking services.

Will Bill Payment be available during the conversion to CheckFree?
Bill Payment will not be available beginning at 4:00 PM on Monday, October 22nd until 8:00 AM Wednesday October 24th

Will Online Banking be available?
Online Banking will need to go offline for a brief period of time (under 30 minutes) in order for us to load some new programs. We will place a notice on the login page notifying you of the time and date.

Will I have to enroll?
You will not need to enroll in Bill Pay again but you will need to accept the new Terms & Conditions the first time you login to bill pay after October 24, 2012. Please read these carefully as they have changed!

What happens to my bills scheduled to be paid on the 23rd?
All payments via check (paper or electronic) already scheduled for October 23rd will process as normal.

Should I stop scheduling bill payments?
There is no need to stop scheduling your bill payments, all payments via check (paper or electronic) should process as normal either through our current bill pay service or through CheckFree.

Will Scheduled E-mail or A2A Transfers convert to the new system?
Checkfree offers an Account to Account (A2A) transfer option but A2A transfers scheduled in the current system to occur after October 22nd will *not* transfer to the new system. E-mail payments scheduled to occur after October 22nd also will *not* transfer to the new system.

Will 100% of my bills convert to the new system?
Most bills will convert although we ask you to check your scheduled payments on the 24th. If any scheduled payments fail to transfer you will need to login as soon as possible to build new bill payments in CheckFree

Will my payees and scheduled payments be transferred to CheckFree?
We are working hard to make sure that happens but a few of them will not be converted. Any payments set up as an email payment or a transfer payment will not convert. We have provided those details to you by letter so you can re-establish those payments after October 24th. There are also some payees that cannot be converted, you will be notified of those before the conversion. All payment schedules for all payees that we are able to convert, will be transferred to CheckFree.

What are the differences with CheckFree bill pay service?

  1. With CheckFree, you schedule your payments based on the day you want to pay your vendor.
  2. CheckFree pays your vendor on the day it debits your account.
  3. Because CheckFree doesn't wait to send the payment until they have your funds in hand, it assumes the risk. If funds are not available for the payment, CheckFree will attempt to recover the funds from the vendor. If they are not successful, your bill pay account will be frozen until they collect the funds from you.
  4. CheckFree debits your account electronically or by paper check depending upon the type of payment your payee accepts. NSF charges apply to those transactions as they would for any other transaction.

What other services are offered?
We will continue to offer RUSH payment for a fee and account to account transfers will also be available. There is a $2.00 fee for account to account transfers.

How will my Payment be made?
CheckFree pays more bills electronically than any other bill pay provider. They have a risk-based payment process which could result in bill pay checks being mailed with your account number on them. That payment option allows you the use of your funds until the check clears.

I want my payment to go today, why can’t I submit it for today. It will only submit for Monday?
A major change with CheckFree bill pay is that the date of the payment is no longer a “submit date”. It is the actual “payment date”. So if it says your payment date is Monday, then your payment will be made on Monday.

Why doesn’t my last payment date show?
No payment history was converted. It will only show payment history that has occurred on the new CheckFree system. You can view your account transaction history on the main online banking site, check your e-statement or call our phone center for information on your last payment.

How do I know how the payment is being made?
When you input your payment the date of the payment will be displayed. The time period indicates if the payment is being sent electronically or by check.

How do I log in to Bill Payment?
If you are using our new "landing page" view in Online banking, there will be a Bill Pay section in the upper right. You can also use the “bill pay” link as always.